Quick Edits

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Quick Edits

Quick Fixes and Quick Edits in Photoshop Elements 11

Elements 11 Screen Shot Quick

The Organizer has options for performing quick fixes to your photos directly from the Photo Fix Options Panel. Here you can Crop your photos to the size you like and save this as a new version of the original. You can correct Red Eye issues, and adjust the color and contrast of you photos. You can sharpen, adjust levels and apply a Smart Fix to your photos all with the click of your mouse. These are all automated fixes that increase the level of the fix applied with each click. If you need more adjustments or control over the quick fixes you would need to shift over to the Editor.

We will cover the use of Quick Fix in Organizer.

Elements Quick Fix Screen

. . . and Quick Edit in Photoshop Elements 11 Editor.

Elements Quick Edit Screen Shot


The Quick Edit Selection in the Editor Mode allows more control over your fixes including level adjustment controls. Here you have adjustable Smart Fix allowing you more control over the amount of Smart Fix that is applied to your photos. The same level controls apply to the other Quick Fix features in the panel; Exposure, Levels, Color (including Saturation, Hue and Vibrancy), Balance (Color Temperature and Tint) and Image Sharpening.

On the right side of the Workspace in Quick Edit you also have a Tool Bin that provides more options for editing you photos. At the top you have the Zoon and Move tools that help you control the view you have of your photo in the work area window. You have the Quick Selection and Selection Brush tools that allow you to select specific areas of your photo and apply fixes to that area. You also have the Red Eye and Whiten Teeth Tools available to enhance your photos. You also have the Text and Crop Tools as well as the Healing Tool to assist with editing your photos quickly.

In our Getting Started Class we will cover all of the Quick Fix and Quick Edit options available to you in Photoshop Elements 11.