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Photoshop Elements 11 Organizer

Elements 11 Screen Shot Organizer


The Organizer is very different in Elements 11, so even if you have used the Organizer before in previous editions, it’s a whole new ballgame whit the complete makeover.
The Organizer portion of Elements 11 is where you access and organize your photos. You can import your images into Organizer from your computer files or your camera or other media. When you are ready you can edit, print, E-Mail or share your photos through social media.

We will go over the Organizer Workspace and how to import photos and configure Catagories.

Elements Organizer Example

You will learn to catalog and sort you images in folders and categorize them as Media, People, Places or Events. You can also apply meta data to your photos adding tags and keyword that will aid in searching to find specific images.

It is also important to understand that if you wish not to use the organizer portion of Elements it acts as a separate program that launches separately at the Welcome Screen and you can set Elements to open with either Organizer or Editor and then switch back and forth between the two.

We will cover all of this in the Getting Started with Photoshop Elements 11 Class and help you set up your computer to work the way you prefer.