Guided Edit

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Guided Edit

Guided Edit features using Photoshop Elements 11 Editor

Elements 11 Screen Shot Guided

If you are a beginner with Photoshop then guided Edits can be a big help in getting those edits and effects that you want with the assistance of the program. It will walk you through a variety of popular edits and features that include; cropping, sharpening, removing blemishes, correcting skin tones and other tasks that help you create the perfect photo. Guided Edit also contains features like High Key and Low Key filters that are very helpful even if you are an Expert with Elements. The main Categories of the Guided Edit Feature are Touchup, Photo Effects and Photo Play.
These are again automated features and if you need more adjustments or control over the Guided Edits you could shift over to the Expert Edit mode.


We will show you how to get the most from the Guided Edit Features in Photoshop Elements 11.

Elements Guided Edits Screen 1


The Touchup Feature of Guided Edit helps you correct your photos with a long list of specific touchup projects. You can recompose your photo and take advantage of the Content Aware features of Photoshop. You can create the perfect portrait using the tools available to correct Red Eye, fix blemishes, brighten eyes, whiten teeth and much more. Here you can correct brightness and contrast, fix scratches, rotate, sharpen, blur, lighten, darken, and enhance colors all with the assistance of the Guided Edit projects.
Using Photo Effects; you can create unique effects that will enhance your photos. You can blur the background to increase the depth in your photo. Create a Line Drawing, or convert your photo to an Old Fashioned Photo look. You can create vignettes, you can apply high and low key effects or a combination of any of the various effects projects available.


This is from the Photo Play Out of Bounds feature. . .

Elements Guided Edits Screen 2


A New feature to Elements 11 is the Photo Play section that really lets you create some amazing effects with the assistance of the Guided Edit menu. One of my favorites is the Out of Bounds Effect. There are so many different way to use this feature and it produces amazing results.


You can create a collage using the Picture Stack feature or maybe you would like to create a reflection of that great shot that you took out on the lake to produce a stunning landscape shot. If you like you can create great Pop Art effects with a single photo or use multiple photos. In the end you can be a creative as you like with the new features of Elements 11.


Our Photo Editing Class will go over the various features of Guided Edits and show you how to create amazing effects from your photos.