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Expert Editing Mode in Elements 12

Elements 12 Screen Shot Expert


In elements 11 and 12, when you select Expert Mode you may be pretty puzzled as to how to proceed. That is where we come in to help you make the process simple. There is a toolbox on the left, a row of icons across the bottom and windows on the right, and that is pretty much it. If you have ever used Elements before you may be asking what happened to the screen that you were familiar with? Again that is where we come in, it’s all still there and we will show you where everything is and how to make things work.

We will go over the Basic Workspace and then show you how to configure a Custom Workspace.

Elements Expert Screen Shot_1


We will look at Bins, Panels and Tabs.

The Photo Bin displays all of your open files and contains options for displaying files from organizer and also provides printing options.

The Panel Bin is located on the right side of the screen. This can be configured to show a variety of windows within the bin such as the layers window, effect, graphics and favorites windows.

We will also go over the available Elements tools located on the left side of the screen and then get into some photo Editing.