Getting Started – Learn to Use Photoshop Elements and Organizer

Getting Started with Photoshop Elements

Learn to Organize, Tag, Search, and Share and then quickly edit your photos easily with Elements Organizer and Editor Applications.

Photo Editing Made Easy with Photoshop Elements Editor

Photoshop Elements Editor

Learn to Edit and Enhance your Photos. Learn how to Create Amazing Art Projects and much more using the Tools and Power of Photoshop Editor.

Expert Editing – Edit Projects Like a Professional with Elements

Photoshop Elements 12 Expert Editing

Become an Expert at Photo Editing, learn how to get more from your photos. Learn the Power of Layers, the Use of Filters, Restoration tools and more.

Multi Media Bar

Some New Artistic Filters in Elements 11

With Elements 11 there are many new features and changes. Here are just a few from the Artistic Sketch Filters that are new in Elements 11. As with all of the Artistic Filters there are a multitude of adjustment sliders and options that allow you to create a completely unique and custom look. We will cover this and more in our Photo Editing Class. Comic  From the Menu tabs select Filters: Sketch > Comic You can see that there are several Presets to choose from and a number of...

Elements 11 Expert Edit Tool Box

Photoshop Elements 11 Tool Panel   The Tool Panel in Elements 11 Expert Edit mode is divided into six categories; view, select, enhance, draw, modify and color. The Tools Panel is located in a fixed position on the left side of the Editor window and unlike previous editions of Elements it cannot be moved or resized. The Tools in Elements offer an amazing selection for working on your photographs. There are more than 24 primary Tools and an additional set of more than two dozen Secondary Tools. In the...

Good Bye Welcome Screen Elements 11

Here’s how to get rid of that annoying welcome screen that shows up every time you launch Photoshop Elements 11. If you are feeling welcomed enough you can turn off the welcome screen that appears every time you start elements. With the Welcome screen open find the little Gear Icon in the upper right corner. Click on it to display a section that allows you to select how you want Elements to open on startup. Here you can select “On Start Always Launch:” Welcome Window, Organizer or Photo Editor. My recommendation is that...

Expert Edit

Learn to harness the power of Photoshop with the Expert Editing features available in Elements 12

Guided Edit

Learn how to use Guided Edits to help you make your photo stand out from the ordinary

Quick Edits

You can make quick edits to improve the look of your photos with Elements 11